Stand Up Thailand – Update #1

Hello Friends and Family!

Please enjoy updates written by teens on our trip!

Day 1- The Long Journey

I got to JFK around 6 PM, but our flight won’t even leave until 1:45 AM. We then somehow found our way upstairs to the food court where luckily enough quite a few people in our group were already waiting there for us. We met the group as they were playing a game called phase 10. Luckily they were finishing up because I was not really good at the game. As more people showed up we finally were able to have our orientation with our entire group. We did some name games and got to know each other a little bit then headed towards security and onwards to our gate. The 15 hour flight actually seemed like forever. I was able to watch a couple movies, however, I didn’t really sleep too much, yet the guy next to me slept the entire time. I found a couple of the other kids on the trip and I was able to chat with them for a good bit of time throughout the flight. Then we finally landed in the Shanghai airport. After a “short” four hour flight to Bangkok, we arrived in Thailand! This was the first time we were able to meet our tour guide named Kit. We drove around Bangkok and ended up stopping at a place called Wat Po. It was absolutely gorgeous, it was a temple with a lot of golden Buddha’s and pagodas and statues all over. The main attraction was the laying Buddha which was a 100 foot long golden Buddha that was laying down. we took a ton of pictures. Some of us even mimicked some of the Buddhas in the pictures. It was awesome to see all that the temple had to show us, this was an incredible first experience of Thailand. We then toured around on the bus a little bit. After making it to our hotel we settled in with some free time. Dinner was at a traditional Thai restaurant where we had pad Thai for dinner. We were able to wander the streets for a little bit checking out the shops before we made it back to the hotel. After being exhausted from almost 20 hours of flights we headed to bed ready for the next adventure.

Joey W.

Day 2-Thai Orientation

Today we woke up around 745am and went down to breakfast at the hotel. There was a buffet with Thai food which was interesting and different. Almost everyone woke up super early from the time change and was very very jetlagged. I personally slept super long and deep yet for some reason I still felt super tired. After breakfast we had a brief orientation about our trip and then a little Thai language lesson. It was pretty useful, but the intonations of Thai is really hard to grasp. We got on the bus with the new tour guide and settle in for a long hour and a half ride to the floating market. After getting on a very narrow and low to the water motor boats we took off very fast through a Village along the water and through the marketplace. It was very interesting to see how these people live and work. For lunch we had traditional fried rice and egg. We then visited another similar market it wasn’t open for business but it was where the locals went. Which it’s cool to see the tourist market and then the locals market and the difference and similarities between the two. We headed back to the hotel and had a little free time before we got to wander the streets and pick our own dinner on our own. That freedom was relaxing and fun. Finally we played some charades and then we had to go upstairs and pack because we are going to take a flight to Chang Mai tomorrow.

Natalie K.

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