Stand Up South Africa – Update #5

Hi everyone!

Here is our recap of the past few days since our last update!

We took a scenic ferry ride to Robben Island where we toured the prison that Nelson was Mandela was kept in. The tour was led by an ex prisoner named Derrick Basson. We learned about the horrible conditions that prisoners, like Mandela were kept in, and we got to see Mandela’s prison cell. It is amazing to see how he still kept his spirit, even after 27 years of captivity.
– Hannah Charlson and Sarah Grossman

Our journey at Table Mountain began with a rotating cable car ride to the top. The views were absolutely stunning. We were given quite a bit of time to explore the mountain top. We saw the Atlantic Ocean and the entire city of Cape Town, just as the sun began to set. We took lots of photos but also took some time to reflect and take in all the beauty. Many people said it was easily one of the most beautiful views they had ever seen. It was such an incredible experience and a great opportunity to view the city from a new angle.
-Sophie Goldenberg and Sarah Davidson

After dinner, the group sat in the living room, wrapped in blankets and surrounded by pillows, and listened to the ex-prison guard of Nelson Mandela, Christo Brand. He talked about his childhood which shaped him to believe that all people should be treated with respect regardless of race. To avoid being drafted to the army, he accepted a job as a prison guard; he met Nelson Mandela and quickly befriended the future president. Although Brand was not too fond of Mandela in the beginning, as time progressed, reality creeped into his eyes. His personal stories of apartheid, Mandela, and post-Apartheid South Africa had an impact on our group and many of us bought his book and got it signed!
– Kayla Silverman and Gabe Sikar

Our second service project is with a community based organization in Cape Town’s largest township, Khayelitsha. The organization is called Baphumelele and it was started by a woman named Rosie Mashale in order to provide services to impoverished kids in her community. After arriving at their headquarters we were given a brief tour summarizing the organization’s newest progress and objectives. We were brought to the nursery where orphaned and sick children were living and being taken care of. Holding the children and interacting with the nurses was an emotional moment for everyone in the group. After the tour we were brought into a bigger room where we were given a summary of what we were going to do that day. After enjoying muffins and tea, Mashale gave us a little talk about her motivation to start this organization. Next we took a short bus ride to the shack settlements where we began the demolition of a family’s dilapidated shack so they can build them a more stable new home. The work was hard but with the combined efforts of the whole group, the entire site was cleared out by the time we had to leave.
– Elisha Schiller

Rosie Mashale was recognized as one of CNN’s Top 10 Hero’s of the Year in 2017. Here is some more information about her and this amazing organization!

Yesterday we went to Boulder Beach which is known as the best place to get close to African penguins in their natural habitat! They were everywhere and all looked completely different and unique. After our visit to the penguins we had the option of going to the beach or relaxing at the Team House. Most people chose to go to the beach and relax in the ocean or on the sand. After that we all rushed back to take a warm shower because of the freezing cold water.
-Izzy Schafer

On the night of July 17th, BBYO Passport Stand Up South Africa had the pleasure to host the wonderfully talented Jennifer Eaves. A singer and songwriter, Eaves put on a private performance for us, singing her songs alongside commentary about her writing motivations and background. We enjoyed her music and her story and plan to follow and support her musical journey on Spotify and other social platforms.
-Shaun Goodman

We have a lot in store for us these next few days in Cape Town and we’re going to enjoy every minute of it!

All the best,
Lindsay, Brian, and Emily

More updates soon!

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