Stand Up South Africa – Update #4

Hello all!

This Shabbat we were able to spend time with an Orthodox congregation in Johannesburg. We went to Friday night services and spent all of Saturday with them as well, eating many meals, and listening to a few speakers from the Jewish community. Before the service some of us were skeptical of what the experience would be like. However, the service proved to be full of excitement and energy. The people of the community were extremely welcoming and 3 families even hosted us for Shabbat dinner. It truly proved to be an amazing Shabbat that will stay with me for years to come.
– Noah Feinberg

Saturday night, we had the chance to learn how to gumboot dance, a style of African dance people used to do while working in rain boots in the mines. We had so much fun and I’m definitely trying to convince the group to make a flash mob out of it. I’ll keep you posted if I’m successful.
– Brhino the Rhino

On Sunday the group traveled 40 minutes from Johannesburg to Soweto, the largest township in South Africa with a population of around 3 million. We first visited The Hector Pieterson Museum where we learned about the Soweto Uprising, which was a series of student demonstrations during the apartheid. After this we walked through Nelson Mandela’s house where he and his second wife, Winnie Mandela, lived with their kids. Finally, for lunch we had the incredible opportunity to go to a local house and talk with community members while eating a traditional South African meal prepared by the mamas. We had a group conversation about politics and society in the United States and South Africa, where everyone got a chance to ask questions and share their thoughts, and we finished off our afternoon singing and dancing together. Despite the cold weather, it was one of the most memorable days we’ve had.
– Skylar Banks

After our awesome day in Soweto, we caught our flight to Cape Town. We’re incredibly excited to start our second service project tomorrow and for this last week together!
All the best,
Lindsay, Brian, and Emily

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More updates soon!

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