Stand Up South Africa – Update #3

Good Morning from Kubu Lodge:

Please enjoy updates from teens on our trip!

Our third day of service was so amazing. Working alongside many adults and kids from the community, and Eco-Children volunteers, we got so much done! We had the best time playing different sports and hand games with the kids and continuing to grow our connections with them. Many of us led a large group of repeat-after-me songs in English and then many of them led a few songs in their language, Sutu! It was one of the many awesome experiences that showed that despite a language barrier, we can still create strong connections and learn from each other. We finished the day with a braai, which is Afrikaans for barbeque. I was so happy to make such an impact on the kids and they definitely made a huge impact on me.
-Izzy Schafer

Today was our last day volunteering with this community and Eco-children :(. We spent the morning finishing many tasks to get the garden all ready for opening day tomorrow! We did a major trash pick up, repainted some fences and garden beds, leveled some ground, and even helped make two swans out of old tires! It was super hard to leave everyone since we all made special connections with different kids.
-Hannah Charlip and Sarah Gerber

The saying “time flies when you’re having fun,” was very applicable to the game drive through Kruger National Park today. The four hours flew by but we cherished every moment. The main highlight of the safari was seeing the animals that we had not seen before, specifically a lion, completing our search for “The Big 5!” We also saw hippos, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, crocodiles, impalas, kudus, zebras, buffalo, water bucks, wildebeest, and many more! On the ride back we blasted our music before stopping at the gift shop, and finished off the ride enjoying the beautiful sunset.
-Maya Fleischer

Brhino_The_Rhino is really excited to spend Shabbat in Johannesburg and can’t wait to check in on Sunday! Make sure you continue to follow his journey on Instagram!

We apologize for the hold up on photos. As many of you know, we were enjoying nature and didn’t have service most of our time in Kubu. We are excited to post tons of photos over the next few days!

Stand Up South Africa

More updates soon!

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