Stand Up South Africa – Update #2

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Goeie More (Good Morning in Afrikaans),

We arrived at the amazing eco garden and were greeted by Robert, who works for the organization and was overseeing operations. He, along with the Principal of the local school the garden is based at, gave us a tour of the garden and school grounds. The garden had been built back in 2015 by 6 Australian volunteers, and was a bigger version of what we were yet to start building a couple minutes away. It was really well constructed, similar to the rest of the facilities. They had to be, considering they house 700+ students, with an average of 90 per class, and the biggest having 124. The principal, in my mind, is a modern day hero. He manages all those kids and their facilities, and they even have to cook for every single one of them. All in all it was an amazing introduction.
-Tal Kamara

After meeting with Robert and getting introduced to the beautiful eco garden, our group got on the bus to another village where another eco garden was being developed. When the bus pulled into the town, the women and children were dancing at the entrance, and we soon joined them. Shortly after, the staff gave a brief introduction, and put us right to work. Some people were assigned to paint the key hole gardens, and others planted trees and interacted with the children. Overall, it was a meaningful experience. The children fell in love with our group, and we fell in love with the children.
-Jacob Sapin

On Monday, June 9th, we were a witness to a beautiful and interesting elephant sanctuary in South Africa. While the elephants were certainly majestic, it was fascinating to learn about the anatomy of an elephant. (Even up close and personal). One unique fact about the elephants is that they drink 150 Liters of water a day. One highlight of the sanctuary was the named “elephant kiss” that elephants Casper and Kito gave to the curious few who dared to receive them. Besides feeling different parts of the elephants, we got to walk the elephants by their trunk and feed them. In all, we enjoyed interacting with and learning about the elephants.
-Shaun Goodman

Today Mike and I woke up super excited to work with Eco-Children and help out the village. Also we were super pumped to teach kids to play the great American pastime of baseball. After digging numerous holes for trees, painting bricks and gates, and eating lunch we were ready to teach baseball. We started with the basics of throwing and catching and even added some hitting with sticks found in the village. Overall this was an impeccable experience that allowed us to share our culture while immersing in those of the village.
-Eric Cordover

We continue to enjoy touring through South Africa through the lens of Brhino the Rhino, our trip mascot! If you haven’t followed him yet please feel free to follow our journey @brhino_the_rhino.

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Stand Up South Africa

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