Stand Up DC #2 – Update #3

Hello Friends & Family!

Please enjoy the following updates from two teens on our trip!

Over the past few days, this program has given me countless opportunities to reflect and grow as an individual, while also contributing to the lives of others. We have faced serious issues head-on, without barriers or restrictions to make us comfortable. I feel like I am observing homelessness and poverty in a way that most people refuse to. Still, I feel like a little kid at camp with the amount of fun I’m having but a mature adult with the amount of perspective I’ve gained.
– Rachel Hecker

On Friday we got to dive in hands first in making food and working in a kitchen. We went to DC Central Kitchen to make food for people experiencing homelessness. We went to Shabbat later that night and got to bond over services. It was interesting to see how a different synagogue did their services. Saturday was our sleep in day! We had bagels in the morning and got to do yoga. We had Havdalah that night and got to sing songs together. It felt special to be part of a Jewish community.
– Harris Gagnon

More updates soon!

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