Stand Up DC #2 – Update #1

Hello Friends & Family!

Please enjoy the following updates from two teens on our trip!

“So far Stand Up DC has been one of the best and most eye opening experiences I’ve ever had. From stacking boxes at the food bank, to serving and discussing the lives of the locals experiencing homelessness, a lot of the stigma that everyone had regarding people who are homeless has been addressed and personally I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of what people who are homeless experience and who these people are. I never have really thought about how homeless people are so much more than that one thing, just like everyone is more than one thing. Working at Mckenna’s wagon and SOME has allowed me to really take time to look these people in the eye and hear their stories and learn about them and so far i’ve really enjoyed everyone I’ve met. Finally, today listening to Louise Lawrence-Isräels speak about her experience growing up during the Holocaust, has shown me the strength of humanity. Her story and how she found Judaism again was truly inspiring.”
-Sophia Platt

“Today we learned we are blessed. It’s a simple sentence, yet there is so much meaning behind it. I am 14 years old and I know I have a full life ahead of me – filled with supporting friends and family. The new friends I spoke with at SOME told me how they did not get the chance to finish high school. For every second I’ve complained about waking up at 6:45 am…wow I regret it. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to gain a full education, allowing me to pick a variety of jobs for my future. A 57 year old woman told us how she allowed drugs to take control of her life, leaving her helpless. But everyone makes mistakes, and only the brave ones can come to accept that and work to make themselves a better them. Now she is studying for her G.E.D. Can you say motivation?! Watching people appreciate a little muffin or apple for a full days meal makes you realize how great you have it. It inspires you to listen to your parents for a change and say “huh, I should stop wasting food.” Although I always flash a smile to everyone I meet, now I can see the firsthand effects it has on people who don’t get to interact with others. It is my goal to teach others how a simple smile will always go a long way.”
-Gabby N

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