Stand Up Chicago – Update #4

Hello Friends and Family!

Please enjoy the following update from Haley Johnson, one of the teens on our trip!

Hello to all the people reading!! As we sadly finish up the last couple of days here in Chicago, we can all agree that it has been an amazing past week and a half. We spent Monday with TOV, an organization that is part of the JUF in Chicago. We finished off the day having a great time at millennium park, where we saw the bean and Navy Pier. On Tuesday we got the opportunity to volunteer with Cradles to Crayons and went shopping on Michigan Avenue. We are all looking forward to our final day tommorow and finally pitching our ideas we have been working on this entire time.

Overall these past 10 have been amazing. We have bonded as a group and spent time in some of the most amazing places in Chicago. The speakers have had so much to tell us about their experiences and passions. On a personal level I feel that I have made amazing friends that will last far into the future, despite being across the country. Our little group of 9 people has come so far and I can only hope that the end of the trip will continue this amazing streak!

More updates soon!

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