Stand Up Chicago – Update #3

Hello Friends and Family!

Please enjoy the following update from Hannah Linder, one of the teens on our trip!

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am right now attending the Stand Up Chicago through BBYO. I did not expect myself to have as much fun as I am having on this trip! My relationships with the eight other people on this trip have strengthened gradually by the day and are only beginning it’s journeys to lifetime friendships. Today, we have just moved from our hotel in Evanston to a hotel in more central Chicago VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING (as you probably can see I am not a morning person). After coming off a train from Evanston, we got lunch in central Chicago. Then, we managed to have a successful walk to a Buddhist church where we all learned more about Buddhism and their values followed by a unique volunteering experience. We all took newspaper bags, folded them, cut them into squares, and tied them into an excessive line of string. Little did we know later in the day they would be taken and crochet into mats for people in poverty. Later, we said our thank yous and walked to a nearby park for our lesson 9-10 in entrepreneurship and to top it off we walked to Second City where we saw a comedy/musical show. I loved it. After, we went to a nearby restaurant called the “Old Jerusalem”. I got some great chicken kabab that was kosher too! And to top our day off we got ice cream at this trendy place called Jeni’s ice cream (omg it was so good). We all walked back to our new hotel and had our last speaker of the day with a lady who runs a social media business (super cool). And now I’m here, finished unpacking, showered, and bonding with my new best friends in the common room. A good vibe with memories that I will never forget. The BBYO message to Jewish youth is true. “Friendships in BBYO will last forever”.

More updates soon!

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