Reflections from our Participants – Trek Israel

This trip has been a lot of fun. At first I have to admit I was a little scared because I didn’t know anyone but after an hour all of my fears were gone. Everyone on this trip is so friendly. We have gone to a lot of places already but my favorite would have to be the Red Canyon. It’s such a unique place and the hike there is amazing. I would definitely do it again. Also all the food has been pretty good. The food in israel is always good. I can’t wait for what we are going to be doing the next couple weeks.

Hello parents and friends!

It’s been a fantastic few days getting to know everyone on this trip and experiencing unforgettable memories together. The land of Israel is new for some, others have been here before, but we are all engaging in our travels as one group . We started our journey by trekking through the Negev Desert. As we bonded during hikes and slept under the stars, Meir (our amazing tour guide) taught us about the geological history and significance of the land we encountered. Everyday on the bus, he also gave us a “word of the day” which brings us a little bit closer to the culture we see on the streets. So far, we have been able to walk through the cities of Eilat and Jerusalem. Some of us are bringing home souvenirs, but the delicious food we get is a delight that stays in Israel. Right now, as we chill out in a Hostel in Jerusalem, we reflect on our Jewish experiences from the last two days. The climb up Masada, voyage through the aqueducts, and more have traced us back to our Jewish history. All of our adventures so far have bonded the whole group together, and with the help of the exceptional staff, the next few weeks are going to be a blast.
-Maddie K.

Visiting Israel has been my dream since I was a little kid. So far my experience has been everything I could have hoped for, and more! From hiking the Red Canyon Trail to snorkeling in Eilat, the journey has been surreal. My favorite things we’ve done have been staying at Kibbutz Lotan and learning about permaculture as well as walking through the aqueducts under Jerusalem. Along with experiencing each activity we’ve learned the history and current relevance of each place we’ve visited. For instance, the Dead Sea is shrinking rapidly, but what I did not know is that by harvesting minerals people are making it shrink faster. All in all the trek has been filled with beautiful scenery, amazing people, and lots of interesting history!
-Zoe A.

This past shabbat we spent it at kibbutz lotan, and it was a different experience than any other shabbat. On Friday night, we went to services at the kibbutz with some of the people who lived there. It was a meaningful experience spending time with our group as well as other people on the kibbutz. I felt connected to the experience and all the things we talked about together as a group on Saturday. Learning about other people’s stance on God really expanded my horizons and gave me an open mind. overall the shabbat at kibbutz lotan was exquisite !
cute fun fresh love from,
-Yael K.

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