Italy Discovery 2B – Update #6

Hello Parents & Teens!

Today’s update is brought to you by one of our teens, Roy Levinson. Enjoy!

Yesterday we had an amazing day in Florence where we went to the beautiful Florence Synagogue for a tour and the top of the Basilica Tower for an amazing view of the city and of Tuscany. After some serious shopping and delicious food, we enjoyed the marvelous art and the iconic David statue in the Art Museum. It truly put us in awe.

Today we woke up in Florence and immediately started our day at the well known Leaning Tower of Pisa. Or, as the teens would say, “Leaning Tower of PIZZA!!!” There we climbed to the top, enjoyed the view, and took the classic photo of trying to lean on or pick up the tower.

Afterwards we headed straight to Rome and enjoyed a fun gladiator training activity where we learned the history of the gladiators and how to fight like one. I had an epic battle against one of the other trip participants and came out victorious!

Tomorrow we will be waking up early to head straight to the fun and historic Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, and Roman Forum, before we enjoy a fun and spirited Shabbat in Rome.

We are so glad you chose to send your teens on this amazing and unforgettable trip.

Brad, Hannah, Nina, Andy, and the rest of Bus 2B.

More updates soon!

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