Italy Discovery 2B – Update #4

Hello Friends & Family!

Goodbye Slovenia,

We have officially returned to Italy, and will be spending the next couple of days in Rome and Florence. As excited as we are for what’s to come, I think we’re all going to miss the natural beauty of Slovenia.

We truly got the best of both worlds, splitting our time between the beautiful city center, and the absolutely gorgeous nature that Slovenia has to offer.

On Monday we went to Bled Castle where we saw some amazing views of Lake Bled. After seeing some printmaking and ironworking, we ventured down from the castle to spend some time on the beach where we canoed, took advantage of the aquatic gym, or just grabbed a bite to eat with friends. Then it was on to escape the room! After spending time in the Ljubljana city center, we puzzled our way out of classrooms, detective agencies and more! Even though we were tired, some of us took a walk to another nearby lake with some gorgeous views.

Today we got to catch up on sleep on the bus between our activities. As we headed back to Italy, we stopped at the Postjana caves. This cave system is millions of years old, and was truly breathtaking. We happily cooled off well below the surface as we explored the vast cave system. Our other stop today was at the Gelato University where we learned a bit about the history of gelato, and got to taste test a couple of their flavors. It was a great two days, but were not slowing down yet! We’ve got so much left before the end of this trip and we can’t wait!


Nina, Hannah and Brad

More updates soon!

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