Italy Discovery #2B – Update #2

Hello from Slovenia!

On Friday morning we headed out for our gondola rides along the Venice canals. We meandered through streets and under bridges. Some of us even joined in some singalongs. After disembarking we headed over to a much more modern boat and headed to Murano Island where we saw a glass blowing demonstration. After watching a professional create a horse out of thin air we got to tour their factory and see some of the pieces that they had previously created. After Murano we took a much needed trip to the beach where we got to play volleyball, swim, and take in the beautiful views. When we got back to the hotel, we started to get ready for Shabbat. We went to an old spanish synagogue in the Jewish quarter for services immediately followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant.

On Saturday morning after sleeping in a little bit we had a Shabbat programming activity. We split up into smaller groups and reflected on the trip so far talking about high points, things we were most excited for, the friendships we had made, and the things we had seen. After lunch at the restaurant we ate at the night before, we walked toward Doge’s Palace. We explored the many rooms and then had some free time to explore. All of this was followed by a pizza dinner at our hotel, and a Havdalah service.

Today we woke up early to head toward Slovenia where we rafted in the crystal clear Soca river. We were understandably exhausted after our adventure and were more than happy to sleep until we got to our hotel. After eating dinner we did some more bonding activities, and started to get excited to see what else Slovenia has to offer.


Hannah, Nina, and Brad and the Italy 2B Bus

More updates soon!

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