Italy Discovery #2A Update

Hello Friends and Family!

Continuing on our journey, we experienced quite a treat with an early morning ride through the water filled streets of Venice. We rode on gondolas and were treated to unbelievable scenery and some unexpected concerts through the acoustic friendly tunnels. After our first water adventure of the day, we boarded a double decker boat and set off for the lovely islands of Murano and Lido. In Murano, we were given a workshop on how to make glass from real professionals, who crafted pieces from fashionable vases to animal figurines. To cool off from a hot start to the day, we continued by heading to the beach at Lido where we hung out, swam, and played beach sports. We continued our day by preparing for Shabbat, followed by a memorable Shabbat service at one of the oldest synagogues in Italy. We capped off our Friday with a delectable Shabbat dinner and headed off to rest after an eventful day.

Our first Shabbat of the trip we started off the morning with thought provoking team building activities, giving the teens the opportunity to get to know each other one on one. After a quick lunch, the afternoon had many scenic tours in store for us; from St. Marc’s square to the basilica to doge’s palace. We were truly amazed by all the historical landmarks this city had to offer. We finished the day with a pizza party and meaningful havdalah service. After 3 wonderful days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it was time to say goodbye.

Off to Slovenia!

More updates soon!

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