Italy Discovery #1A – Update #3

Ciao from Roma! We arrived in Rome this afternoon and are looking forward to exploring the city over the next few days, and celebrating Shabbat here.

On Tuesday, we left Slovenia (which was by far a highlight so far for everyone on this trip) and began the journey to Firenze. Our long drive was broken up by two stops – first in Postojna to visit the caves, and then in Bologna to visit the Gelato museum. The underground caves in Postojna were about 50 degrees, so we had to bundle up to view the stalactites and stalagmites, and the curtains that formed naturally. The highlight of the gelato museum was clearly the gelato itself (how many times have we had gelato already??)

Yesterday was a full day in Florence, starting with the view overlooking the city. While it was great to see the Duomo from afar, it was even better to see it up close. We visited the synagogue in Florence, and then the Galleria where we saw Michaelangelo’s David statue ( did you know there is a fake one that many people go to see?), and then came back to the Duomo to climb the tower. We ended the day with a crowd favorite – shopping and free time. From the leather market to Brandy Melville to Golden Goose, we found all the hot shopping spots. It was a hot day walking in the sun, and we were ready to return to our hotel in Montecatini Termi.

Today we leaned….as we walked up the leaning Tower of Pisa. It was really interesting to see how the marble steps are worn in different places based on the lean of the tower in that part of the spiral staircase. A long bus ride took us into Rome, where we came together with Bus B for a dinner of omelettes, potatoes, and of course, pizza. When in Rome, right?

More updates soon!

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