Israel Journey 4C – Update #3

Hi Friends and Families!

Please enjoy these updates from teens on our trip!

Day 10

Today we woke up and took our bags to the bus. We moved south from the kibbutz toward our hotel outside of Jerusalem. On the way, we stopped at the coastal city of Caesarea and walked on King Herod’s ancient horse racing stadium. Before moving on toward Tel Aviv, we watched a video describing the tumultuous history of Caesarea. Our next stop was the Yitzhak Rabin center. First, we ate lunch (burgers or chicken), then we split into two and were led on the tour. During the tour, we wore headsets which Bluetooth synced with video of Israel’s creation, Rabin’s life, and the war-filled first fifty years of Israel’s existence. The tour balanced Rabin’s story with that of his country.

After walking through Jaffa, we went to the hotel outside of Jerusalem. After dinner, we all participated in Israeli dancing which showed the symbolism of the relationship between dancing solo and with a group.

Day 11

Shabbat Shalom,

The day started late as we only had to be up by 11:30. Before that some people prayed, worked out in the hotel gym, and ate breakfast. The meeting at 11:30 informed us that the whole day was free (yay!). Throughout the day, people went to the pool and played cards, among other activities. At 2 o’clock, Ethel Cindy, Chloe, and Jessie led a Yoga session. Afterward, some of the teens ordered pizza. Once dinner concluded, we all got on the bus and drove into the nearby old city of Jerusalem. We walked to a lookout of the Western Wall and viewed the mass of people praying. The crowd filled up the entire praying section near the wall for the observance of Tisha B’Av. We did not celebrate Havdalah because Tisha B’Av was the day after Shabbat. It was a quiet Shabbat in which the copious amount of free time left the group looking at each other for ways to spend the time. The hectic schedule of every day allows each person to appreciate the tranquility and restfulness of Shabbat.

More updates soon!

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