Israel Journey 4C – Update #1

Hi Friends and Families!

Please enjoy these updates from teens on our trip!

Today we started out with breakfast at 7:15am which was a struggle for some who were still jet lagged. Afterwards, we headed out to the Old City. We stopped off at a place so we could take pictures and said the Shehecheyanu as a group. Once we got to the Old City we walked around and toured the inside. After that, we had free time for lunch and shopping. This was a chance to finally get great Israeli food. Lunch was delicious, then we went to the wall. The Kotel was a really special place and we we felt like a community. Then, the walking started! We walked though the underwater aqua-ducts of the Old City. It was very far, wet and dark. In the end, it was so rewarding and fun! At night we went to a party with all 400 Jewish teens on a Passport trip. The B’Yachad was so much fun because we were able to go on rides and dance the night away! I met so many other Jewish teens from all over and got close with the people on my bus. Overall, today was a blast! I am so excited for tomorrow to see what Shabbat holds for us.
-Cydney Berman

On our first day we arrived at the hotel and had a great, vegetable filled dinner. The desserts were great! After settling into our rooms we went downstairs and introduced ourselves for the first time as a big group. We played a fun icebreaker called move your tuchas. We learned fun facts about each other and much more. We established rules to live by for the next three weeks and discussed how to maintain a safe environment on the trip. At the end of the night, everyone was so happy to finally shower and head to bed with our new roommates!
-Jessie Altenberg

More updates soon!

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