Israel Journey 4B – Update #5

Hello Friends and Families,

Please enjoy this update from Jadyn, one of the teens on our trip!

These past few days have been super fun! Tuesday we went to the Dead Sea which was one of the highlights of our trip. All of what we have heard about the effortless floating in the Dead Sea became a reality. We painted ourselves in mud and soaked in the sun in what was truly a scorching day. In the afternoon we went to the Bedouin tents and went camel riding. We got the opportunity to talk to a Bedouin women about her life in the Bedouin community and for dinner we shared a delicious plate of Bedouin food eating in true Bedouin fashion while sitting on the ground. That night we had a bonfire and s’mores and tried to get some sleep before we woke up early for a hike up Masada at sunrise.

We got the opportunity to see the sun come over the distant mountains, which was one of the prettiest sunrises we had ever seen. Later in the day we hiked through a waterfall path and swam in the falls which was well deserved after hiking through the heat.

On Thursday we spent most of the day at Yad Vashem which was a very meaningful experience. Especially coming from the concentration camps in Central Europe, Yad Vashem gave us more information to expand our knowledge of the Holocaust. To end the day we went to the underground tunnels of the Western Wall and out for ice cream. We are all excited for more adventures and bonding in our last few days.


More updates soon!

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