Israel Journey 4B – Update #4

Hello parents!!

Today we left the area of Jerusalem and the group made their way towards the southern tip of Israel, journeying deep into the Negev desert to take part in a live archeological dig. This site wasn’t just for looking at, but a tangible place to explore, touch and wander through by candle light while crawling through small passageways. Digging, sifting and sorting became a profession for some as they uncovered actual pieces of clay pottery from settlements in the land of Israel from over two thousand years ago.

From here we made a quick stop for lunch hosted by Ethiopian Jews where we were lucky to taste their traditional coffee and cuisine and even dance like we were from the lost tribe ourselves. Finally, we arrived at our beautiful kibbutz nestled between the mountains of Jordan and Egypt and just steps away from Eliat where we had a BBQ pool party to end a long day.

The next day we started our morning with a hike through the amazing Red Canyon named for its colorful rock formations. Everyone was able to take their action shot while climbing from ladders and bars to make their way through. Then we officially arrived in Eliat with time to relax by the beach, snorkeling in one of the most amazing sites you could imagine and then banana boating on the Red Sea. We all watched as everyone took turns getting flung from the boat when they could no longer hold on.
We finished off our day with a stop for a tasting of some of Israel’s best ice cream and then had a dance party at our kibbutz organized by the wonderful staff!

Yours truly,
Journey 4B’s wonderful staff

More updates soon!

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