Israel Journey 4B – Update #3

Hello parents!!

On Wednesday our group started off the day with exploring Haifa and the Baha’i Gardens on Mt. Carmel. We learned about the Baha’i religion and the group really enjoyed taking pictures at the gardens because of the breathtaking view it provided. After that, we visited the Druze Village of Ussafiya where we listened to a speaker give a description about this secret religion and minority group that live in Israel. Oh, and they also fed us a delicious Druze lunch which everyone loved. We then went to Atlit where we toured a detention camp and learned about the challenges Jews faced when trying to escape Europe after the Holocaust and settle in the land of Israel. We ended the day with a beautiful surfing class, and a barbecue dinner on the Mediterranean coast. We especially enjoyed the surfing lessons and getting to go out into the sea.

Thursday we traveled to Caesarea and explored Herod’s Roman theatre and grand palace on the beach. There were many beautiful sights to see! We also played some games that were based off of Roman chariot races. We then toured a kibbutz with a secret bullet factory. We all enjoyed learning how bullets were secretly made under the houses and buildings in the kibbutz, and listening to the stories of people risking their lives to fight for their independence. After that, we traveled to Jaffa and spent some free time shopping in the flea market, where you can find many wonderful antiques, souvenirs and delicious smoothies. When we got back to our hotel, we had dinner and then could choose to go swimming or work out in the gym.

Friday we started our day by going to the Yitzhak Rabin museum. We then had a pizur lunch at a Carmel market, where we could buy souvenirs and delicious food. We spent about an hour shopping and eating before we made our way to the beach. At the beach we spent about 2 hours swimming and hanging out. We then took the bus back to our hotel and had some free time to relax and get ready for Shabbat. When everyone was ready we had group Shabbat services with another BBYO group. Everyone really enjoyed singing together and clapping along at services.

-Rachel R. and Lexi

More updates soon!

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