Israel Journey 4B – Update #2

Dear Parents and Friends,

Please enjoy the following up date from Micah, one of the teens on our trip!

“Hey everyone! I’m Micah, and i’m here to tell you all a little bit about what our BBYO Passport group has been up to these past few days. On Sunday, we started our day early as we drove to Tzfat, Israel’s renown artists colony. Shortly after arriving, we met with Abraham, an artist who discussed the meaning behind his artwork and what inspired him to move to Israel from Michigan. Abraham explained that behind every one of his pieces lies a spiritual message or idea taken from Judaism. For example, one of his pieces, involving one dark and one light side of the canvas, represents the idea that individuals are either: self-absorbed, concerned with minuscule grievances in everyday life, or selfless, caring for others before oneself. Every one of us left Tzfat that day thinking about what we can do, as individuals and as a Jewish people, to bring good into the world. After Tzfat, the group headed to the Jordan River where everyone went rafting in small groups and had lots of fun. Monday morning, we headed to the Golan Heights for a fast-paced, thrilling jeep tour of the mountainous region. We ended our journey at the Israeli-Syrian border where we gazed upon the vast fields and ramparts that lay in front of us at the border. The next morning, we headed off to El-Khanqa-Bi’ne, an Arab town, where we split into groups and talked to Arab-Israeli teens about our shared interests, beliefs, and practices. As the teens spoke to us about life in Israel, and as we shared about what life is like in the US, the conversation allowed each and every one of us to gain a new perspective and understanding of the worlds diverse people and cultures. Afterwards, the group went to have some fun at a local mall, where we had time to shop and grab a bite to eat for lunch. We headed off from the mall to Rosh HaNikra, a beautiful site where the Mediterranean sea meets the cliffs of northwest Israel. Finally, we ended our jam-packed day with Israeli dance lessons! I can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip brings!”


More updates soon!

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