Israel Journey 4B – Update #1

Dear Parents and Friends,

Please enjoy the following up date from Eli, one of the teens on our trip!

This is our fourth day in israel. For many, it is the first time they are in Israel. Most of us do not know when we will return, and for that reason we truly appreciate being here. As a group, we have considered our time as a budget and only spent it on truly valuable experiences. In the past few days we have already walked through underground tunnels, played team bonding games, prayed at the Western Wall and more.

My favorite activity so far in Israel has been celebrating Shabbat. During Shabbat my friends and I played a competitive game of ultimate, swam in the pool, and slept in. We all had free time all day which gave us the freedom to do what we want.

It was magical to see the holiday celebrated in the Jewish homeland and learn how things work on Shabbat like how elevators stop at every level so you don’t have to push a button. As most of us can agree on, Shabbat in israel brought us closer to our Jewish identity and G-d. I’m excited to experience more Shabbatot, and bring Shabbat traditions home with me.

To finish with a quote from one of my favorite poems.

“From fearful trip the victor ship came in with object won”.


More updates soon!

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