Israel Journey 3A Update

Dear Family and Friends,

Please enjoy this update from Sean Bridge, one of the teens on our trip!

These past couple days have been a blast. Thursday started with an amazing tour of Roman Architecture and culture in Israel through Caesarea, the remains of a Roman amphitheater and town. Following this historical experience we traveled to a secret munitions factory where we had sandwiches and then were taken on a tour of the underground operation. This museum detailed the conditions and struggles of Israeli efforts to create ammunition to supply soldiers during the British Mandate and the Israeli War for Independence. After this engrossing tour we took a ride into the city of Jaffa where we were able to walk around the city streets and markets buying trinkets and souvenirs. To conclude the day we prepared ourselves for B’Yachad, a transformative experience where every teen currently on a passport trip in Israel came together to celebrate our journey so far in Israel, whether it started a day ago or two weeks ago. There was food, henna, music, and dancing which entertained us all night long. A special treat was our very own Naomi’s speech about her experience traveling through Israel so far.

More updates soon!

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