Israel Journey #3A – Update

Dear Family and Friends,

Please enjoy this update from Noah Kaufman, one of the teens on our trip!

On July 15 we had a huge amount of fun. We first visited an ancient burial site of a famous figure that was filled with goats. Then we dug up artifacts at an archaeological site. We were even able to keep some of the pot shards that had been dug up. I made sure to grab a bunch as souvenirs. And then, we visited the larger crater in the world. It was much bigger in person than it seemed in the pictures.

On July 16, we had another very eventful day. We first visited the dunes and had a huge amount of fun running through them. By the end my clothes were filled with sand. Then we went on a hike in the Red Canyon. There were many beautiful sites there. The hike came to a close on a large beautiful hill. And then we visited the Red Sea and snorkeled and went banana boating.

These last few days have been amazing and incredibly memorable.

More updates soon!

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