Israel Journey 3A – Update #3

Dear Family and Friends,

Please enjoy this update from Gabi Lewis, one of the teens on our trip!

When’s the last time you tried something new? Before embarking on my journey to Israel, I asked myself this question every day. Luckily, the past two days have provided our group with countless opportunities to step outside of our comfort zones. After a relaxing morning by the pool, we began traveling to Rosh Hanikra. We descended via cable car and got to explore the beautiful caves throughout the site. Next, we boarded the bus for a seaport city known as Acco. Our Israeli tour guide Maya showed us through the streets, allowing us to truly enjoy the breathtaking coastline. We soon arrived to the next hotel in Haifa. We all ate dinner, had a meaningful program, and went to bed. On Wednesday morning, we drove to the Baha’i Gardens next to Mt. Carmel. The site was beyond stunning. Overlooking the entire city of Haifa, the group learned about the Baha’i faith and history of the garden. We then boarded the bus and arrived at a Druze village nearby. Here, we experienced an entirely different culture firsthand. We ate a unique meal, trying several new dishes and drinks. Later on, we toured a detainment camp that was used to hold immigrants after the Holocaust. This experience was especially meaningful, as we were able to better understand our rich, Jewish past. Soon after, we got to the beach for a surfing class! It was so much fun, and all of us had a blast in the waves. Although I may not have known it during the moment, reflecting on the past two days has allowed me to realize something amazing— Everything we do as a group is something new. Unique. So finally, my question was answered. Here in Israel, we are all trying something new every single day.

More updates soon!

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