Israel Journey #3A – Update #2

Dear Family and Friends,

Please enjoy this update from Meredith Berman, one of the teens on our trip!

Today after a calmer Shabbat, the 43 of us loaded up the bus with walking shoes for Tzfat and bathing suits for the Jordan River. In Tzfat we walked around with Maya, our tour guide, and wandered through the notorious artistic area after meeting with local spiritual artist, Abraham Lowenthal. Along with experiencing the art that Tzfat has the offer, we visited two different synagogues, one of which was in use to celebrate the cutting of a three year old boy’s hair in order to begin his Orthodox journey. With the exploring and shopping, there also was the typical Israeli lunches we all were able to enjoy. These restaurants had anything from falafel to schnitzel. After finishing up our exploring, shopping, and eating, it was time to bus to the rafting spot. After changing into the packed bathing suits, we went down into the Jordan River with 3-6 people in the rafts and spent a solid amount of time paddling and/or just floating. We eventually reached the end of the course and then got out, re-changed, and climbed on the ropes course before dinner. Dinner was pizza, which was prepared and cooked at the same raft area. After finishing up everything there, we re-boarded the buses for our drive back to the Kibbutz we have been staying at in the North. Even with such a full day in the ever hot Israeli heat, everyone maintained positive and excited attitudes. I know that all 43 of us are appreciative and excited to see what else we will see in Israel within these upcoming weeks.

More updates soon!

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