Israel Journey 3A – Update #1

Dear Family and Friends,

Please enjoy this update from Naomi Walthour, 11th grader from Minneapolis, one of the teens on our trip!

Our first two days in Israel have been a huge change of pace for those of us who went on the preceding Central Europe discovery trip. When the 20 of us first arrived, we went to a tank museum to learn about Israel’s war torn history, the IDF, and the incredibly innovative ways in which Israel has succeeded in their war efforts. After the museum, we headed to Ben Yehuda street for our first taste of Israeli cuisine. After that, we headed back to the airport to greet the rest of our group. A hot hotel dinner and a few icebreakers later, we all fell asleep. Returning to the hotel, I felt closer with all of the people in my group, because we had all witnessed the same amazing sight. After dinner, we played some games together that really bonded us as a group, and helped me get to know everyone better. We wrote our expectations/goals for the trip, and they were anonymously shared out. Now, all of our goals are hung on the windows of our bus, and we are reminded of them as we travel from place to place in our holy land of Israel.

More updates soon!

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