Israel Journey 2B – Update #2

Hello Friends and Families!

Please enjoy the following update written by Maggie, one of the teens on our trip!

Today we headed for the south of Israel. Our first stop on this long drive was an archaeological site. We crawled through caves, it was beautiful, even though the crawl space was tiny. Then we actually got to dig. We were looking for old pieces of pottery and animal bones. Even though I didn’t find anything, it was still super cool to see what they had discovered before. Then we were off. We arrived at a recreation of Jewish Ethiopian village.The leader of tourism for the village led a special ceremony for us which included their special coffee and sacred bread. Both were very good. Then we were taken to an Ethiopian hut. She explained how Ethiopian jews were different from the European jews.. We were then taken to a traditional Ethiopian lunch. It consisted of a very sour bread, chickpeas, potatoes, rice and veggies. All in all it was good. Next we went to the grave of Ben Gurion and his wife. It was on the side of a mountain with a. beautiful outlook. Our tour guide, Amir, explained to us that Ben Gurion didn’t want a big temple as a grave, because he was just a man. Then we headed to McDonalds!!! It was interesting how different it is compared to ours. Everything was kosher and honestly tasted better! Then we went on a super long drive to the kibbutz we are staying at. When we arrived it was 104 degrees. We quickly changed into bathing suits and went on a tour of the kibbutz. It was so beautiful. They told us about how kids on the kibbutz live. There are a lot of rules that everyone needs to follow, but it keeps everything in order. We were then given a dinner of burgers and hotdogs. Then we finished out the night with a midnight swim. It was a good day full of learning about our history and other cultures.

More updates soon!

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