Israel Journey 2A update #3

July 3 by Ethan Blum

Gazing upon a shimmering, blue coast, I truly realized the pure beauty of Israel’s aquatic attraction, the Mediterranean. After toiling for approximately two hours in a volunteering service to aid for the poverty of Israel, we were introduced to a short-film explaining the history of these exotic, one-of-a-kind grottoes.

Although the explanation video was only fifteen minutes, we will be in awe of the enchanting caves of Rosh Hanikra forever. Continuing on with the journey, we were fortunate enough to see the malodorous, pungent smell of the allies of Akko. In these small, dank allies containing fruits, vegetables, and chachkes, I learned from others that Arab schwarma is ultimately greater than Israeli schwarma. As the sun goes down, are day comes to an end. The attractiveness of the boats in the Haifa docks concludes our day 7 journey in Israel.

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