Final Thoughts from Stand UP DC #1

Hello again Friends and Family, and greetings from DC!

Over these last few days, and leading into the final days of our experience, we’ve really hit our stride. Our teens have started taking turns leading us to our destinations on the Metro, volunteers have created and implemented (really wonderful) bonding activities for us in our evenings, and not to mention that we have been a valuable volunteer group everywhere we go!

It’s been amazing to come see the different levels of care given by different organizations in the fight against hunger and homelessness, but it’s been even better to see the kind of immediate impact we can make.

Through our service, and especially having visited the Holocaust Museum and met with two survivors just yesterday, we have really spent a lot of time towards the end of our time here focusing on mindfulness, empathy, and have all started to wonder, “which of these lessons will follow me home?” Obviously, I think we all hope it’s all of them.

See you soon,
Stand UP DC #1

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A note from your staff:
Over the course of these past eleven days, we have had the privilege of seeing your teens, grandchildren, friends, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. dive head-first into a service experience and truly take in every moment. There is a clear focus on service in any Stand UP experience, but this group also managed to build an immensely strong community in a very short time: no easy feat.

Each and every participant came into this experience with questions and an eagerness to participate. They are truly an inquisitive bunch whose aim individually and as a collective is to push for greater understanding and clarity, and their dedication to helping others is nothing short of inspiring.

Thank you for sharing them with us for this past week and a half.
Happy Independence Day,
Adam, Rebecca, Bibi, & Tyisha

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