Central Europe Update #3

Since our last update we have spent a lot of time thinking about the Jewish people. We have reflected at Auschwitz and Birkenau but also spent time celebrating Jewish life.

Friday night we attended a packed progressive service as part of the Jewish cultural festival in Krakow. Multiple teens commented how connected to Judaism they felt with people from all over coming together to celebrate shabbat.

Saturday’s highlights include visiting multiple synagogues throughout Krakow, debating the morality of Oskar Schindler and discussing how something affecting so many people could happen when so many others didn’t take action.

As a side (but important note), we are happy to report that our meals here in Krakow have been really good.

Today was an emotional day for everyone as we saw first hand the devastating effects of the Shoah. While everyone will process and reflect on this experience in their own way, as a group we all committed to being present the entire visit and not using our phones.

As we prepared for Havdallah, we had the opportunity to reflect on a meaningful few days and look forward to the final stretch of our journey.

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