Central Europe Discovery #2 – Update #1

Hello Friends and Family!

Please enjoy the following update written by Jamie Rubenstein , one of the teens on our trip!

Day 1. As soon as we stepped on the bus, we were all exhausted, but we knew we had a full day ahead of us and we would just have to get through it. Luckily, we all already had been forming friendships which made it suddenly easier. Despite having more than half the trip lose luggage, we didn’t let that stop us from having a good time. The first place we went was Prague’s version of the Eiffel Tower and it was so beautiful. The view from the top was like nothing you’d ever seen before: amazing. Next, we went to a beautiful bridge with a lock gate on it for people to seal their love in. We then went to the John Lennon wall and were able to spray paint our own set of ideas about love, peace, equality, etc. and it was truly amazing to see the art that people have taken the time to create on this wall and commemorate this one special person/artist. After that, we walked across another beautiful bridge and ended with dinner at a Chabad grill with delicious food. Once the day was done, we were all very happy to get a good nights sleep and rest up for the day ahead.

Day 2. It’s an early start and we’re ready to get a hold on the day! We start with going to the four places that make up the Jewish museum in Prague; 2 synagogues and 2 cemeteries. Everything was so beautiful, from the detailing to the truly incredible history behind each and every building. One of the synagogues has walls and walls of thousands of names of Czech Jews that died in a certain time period before the holocaust, which was truly heartbreaking, but so special. We then were able to walk around and get some delicious food for lunch with our friends and get a little shopping in too. Next, we visited a cathedral and a castle, where the president comes to do his work at times, which was also very beautiful with its background and its beautiful stained glass windows. We got to take some incredible pictures of the view from one of the sites from the castle and it made the experience just that more special. Winding down to the end of the day, we were allowed free time to walk around the main square in Prague to shop and get snacks and look at different sights. Finally, we went to dinner at another delicious Chabad restaurant. Lastly, we came back to the hotel to reflect on the day we experienced and share and personal feelings or comments about it, which really helped to remember how we felt about everything we did. It has been an amazing first two days and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip brings, whether you’re here for 9 or 27 more days!

More updates soon!

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