Camille’s Reflections

July 1

This morning we left bright and early for our journey to Slovenia. We drove a few hours and stopped to pick up some bag lunches for the bus. We passed through many quaint Slovenian towns and learned about this beautiful country. We arrived at the white water rafting site on the Soca River, and after struggling to put on our wet suits and water shoes we departed for our hour long ride.

We learned to work together and trust one another while navigating our way through the gorgeous turquoise water. We stopped about half way to go for a little swim and to take in the beauty.

After completing our adventure, we drove to a river front to take some photos and hang out before departing for the hotel. We drove up a windy mountain overlooking stunning views before arriving at the Best Western Slovenia. It was really amazing to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big Italian cities and appreciate nature and the clean mountain air. We were all a little bit surprised at the cooler temperatures but enjoyed the refreshing breeze.

After a quick buffet style dinner and some bonding activities we called it a night on our first breathtaking day in Slovenia!

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