Ambassadors to Argentina – Update #4

Hi Family & Friends,
Please enjoy the following update from Kiara Matzkin from our trip!
“Wednesday was a travel day, starting with a lovely final breakfast at El Pueblito Hotel in Iguazú. Then we went to the airport to travel back to Buenos Aires, and after getting settled to our hotel we took a quick trip to the neighborhood market where we bought all kind of local snacks before heading to the nearby Recoleta Mall for more shopping and looking for something fun to do together with our A2A crew.
Thursday was another exciting day. We departed early to La Eloisa (a ranch in Las Heras) to have a kosher ‘asado,’ a traditional Argentinian grill of several kinds of meat (best meal ever 😋). We had a really long roadtrip where we played card games, sang songs, slept and enjoyed each other to pass the time. After eating the asado we got to meet some of the ranch’s beautiful polo horses. Even with the rain and muddy weather, we had a good time with great food, including coffee and cake for dessert. That evening, we ate dinner near the hotel and then had a surprise trip to Freddo (the best Argentinian ice cream shop!) to have some dessert with all our A2A family. It was an absolutely incredible day!!”
– KIARA MATZKIN, Buenos Aires (ARG)
More updates soon!
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