“Not all who wander are lost.” Israel Journey #1

Shavuah tov!

We hope you had a restful Shabbat. For our Shabbat, we were joined by ten Israeli high-schoolers from Zichron Yaakov. This ‘mifgash’ (get together) allowed us to learn about life in Israel, realize similarities regardless of nationality, and hopefully make new friendships that will continue to tie us to our Jewish homeland. Some Shabbat highlights included an interactive Torah program, playing mixers to get to know one another, swimming at the pool and an Israeli dance class.

This morning, as we began the new week, we traveled to The Negev Desert, where we will be exploring for four days. Here, we have already taken part in an archeological dig, visited a Jewish Ethiopian village, learned about Ben  Gurion’s vision for the desert and taken our first look at the Mitspe Ramon Crater. As we explore the desert we think of the words of J. R. R. Tolkien: “Not all who wander are lost.” In fact, the Jewish identity of the biblical Israelites was shaped by wandering through the desert, and this week, we too will be influenced by this beautiful place.
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