Western Europe Discovery 2: Update #2

Western Europe Discovery 2
Update #2

Dear Friends and Family,

What a fun and busy time we are having together!

On Friday we were in London and visited the Shakespeare Theater, ate delicious food at the Borough Market, and volunteered at a food packing facility. Then we went back to the hotel to get ready for Shabbat and ended our night off in the London Synagogue where we enjoyed Shabbat dinner together!

After a long week of flights and sightseeing, the teens on our bus were given a much needed sleep-in on Saturday. Once we were up, we went to a small park near the hotel and enjoyed a picnic and games. Then in the afternoon, we visited the British Museum. We were divided into groups of five for a scavenger hunt through the museum. Some of the tasks were speaking a different language next to the Rosetta Stone, forming a fighting pose in front of armour, proposing near an exhibit that represented a wedding, and much more!

Before returning to the hotel, we headed back to the park to end Shabbat together with a Havdalah service.

Sunday we woke up extra early to hit the road to start our journey to Scotland. On our way we stopped at the University of Oxford. There, we toured the city center with time to shop, eat, and explore the culture of the city.

After eight hours on the bus, we arrived to Kilmarnock, Scotland!!  More to come… !

– Your Western Europe Discovery 2 Staff

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