Western Europe Discovery 1: Update #1

Western Europe 1
Update #1

Day 1
by Morgan Fisher and Sophie Valuntas

We arrived to London! We departed the day before at 8:30pm and after an overnight flight we landed around 7:30am in London Heathrow airport. We immediately left the airport and headed to Windsor Castle where explored the grounds and had lunch. After that we headed into the city to check into our hotel and later we went to dinner and had authentic fish and chips. Soon after, we went to a local parks and participated in some icebreaker games to get to know one another. Overall, the first day was exhausting, yet full of excitement!

Day 2
by Jason Teper

This morning we got a little extra sleep. This allowed us to recover from the  jet-lag that some kids may have experienced. From there we took the tube, which was a very smooth ride compared to the subways that I have been on before. By way of walking we got to see Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square in addition to seeing the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. The music sounded really great. We continued on foot to tour around the city and split into groups of 10 and shopped while having lunch. After this, we saw Big Ben and went on the London Eye Ferris wheel which was extremely fun. Even though the ride was 25 minutes long, I really got to see the whole city from the top. The next item on the agenda was dinner and a very delicious Italian place called Strada, where we had genuine margarita pizza. By the time dinner was over we were all so tired and went right to sleep. Today was a really cool day.

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