Trek West 2: Update #6

Trek West 2
Update #6!

Enjoy updates from our participants and from us, your staff!

Day 16:
Yesterday we started off the day swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe. We then boarded the bus for a scenic ride around the lake. We arrived at the 1960 Olympic Games sight at Squaw Valley, and took a cable car to the top of the mountain and enjoyed a pizur lunch up high! For dinner, we enjoyed Indian food!
— Matan

Day 17:
Today’s itinerary was packed with experiences! We stayed the night in a town near Sacramento, the capital of California. After breakfast, at about 8:30, we drove into Old Sacramento to experience the interestingly styled village. First, we went to into the California capitol building, and got to sit in on the Senate Education Committee to witness what it is like behind the doors. From there, it was a quick drive to the California Railroad Museum. We watched a short educational film about how the transcontinental railroad shortened the trip to California from months to only 10 days and 10 nights. We then had a little time to explore the museum, and a few of us got to use a bullet train simulator.

After, we had a pizur lunch in Old Sacramento. Then came the objectively best part of the day, the Jelly Belly factory! We got to walk through and the production of MILLIONS of jelly beans.Next was a short drive to Berkeley, which would sadly be our final sleeping place for the trip. After getting aquainted with part of the campus, we had a dinner at the Crossroads at Berkeley. To end the day, we drove from point to point looking at the amazing views in both Berkeley and San Francisco – the best cities on Earth. Only a “bit” of fog blocking the way, but a wonderful experience nevertheless. This packed day finally came to the end and we drove back across the Bay Bridge to the campus. Only 3 days left!!
—  Andrew Patashnik

Day 18:
Today we started our day at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park and had tea surrounded by the beautiful gardens (and a 400 year old tree!). Old trees became the theme for the day as we went on to the Muir Woods to hike in the Redwoods and enjoy our lunch at the visitors center. From there. We headed back to campus and got ready for Kabbalat Shabbat at the Chabad house near campus. We ate well, sang songs, and enjoyed experiencing an Orthodox Shabbat that we might not normally experience at home. Now to relax and close the week… !
–Your Staff

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