Trek West 2: Update #4

Trek West 2… Update #4!
Today’s updates come to us from our teens… enjoy!

Day 9:
The Museum of Tolerance taught me some things about the Holocaust that I did not know. It taught me that not one single person caused it –  but the idea of one person, Hitler, that rapidly spread throughout many people. It showed me that the HJolocaust is something we must remember because those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Day 10:
Before this trip I hadn’t really volunteered much. I had little idea of what to expect. Before going on this trip I hadn’t really completely envisioned what volunteering at a shelter would be like. It was an amazing experience. I got to learn what it was really like for people who don’t have that much. There were kind people and rude people. They all had one thing in common which was they had nothing or close to nothing. It was a one -of-a-kind experience for me and I have learned a lot from seeing the way these people handled their situation. There were negative people who chose to be bitter about what happened and people that despite their circumstances, stayed as positive as they could be. No matter what happens in life you always have to keep a positive outlook.

Day 11:
We started the day by going to a food bank. It was very fun and meaningful. We all got to work together packaging different items- some people worked with bread, others worked with sorting and packaging items such as soda, water, or snacks. Everyone felt that they had really made an impact by the end. After that, we drove down to Venice Beach where we learned we were going to do “Mystery Moses” (aka Secret Santa). We got to walk around and have some free time. Some people went to the beach and jumped waves, and others just explored the whole area. We also had to get presents for our Mystery Moses game. We then drove back and had time to get ready for our Shabbat service. We then went to dinner. After that we met back up and had a discussion about the past week and what we had done. We exchanged our gifts, and then we were off to bed!

Day 12:
Shabbat is the day of the week where we get rewarded with a day of rest. Shabbat is a time of the week where we pray for everything in the upcoming week to go well. Shabbat is a day of rest which is important because sometimes we need a day to rest and pray. When I pray I feel a connection I just can’t describe and it makes me forget about the outside world for just a little bit.
-Ella, Taylor, and Maya

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