Trek West 2: Update #2

Trek West 2… Update #2!

Day 3:
Today we were excited to begin our hiking adventures in the beautiful Grand Canyon. We hiked down into the canyon along the Bright Angle Trail and along the rim, seeing petroglyphs on the rock, squirrels, deer, and the amazing expanse of the red rock and the Colorado River. After a picnic lunch at the visitors center, we viewed an IMAX movie on the history of the Grand Canyon and the explorers who discovered it. From there, we traveled back to our hotel in Flagstaff and enjoyed a relaxing evening and dinner before we picked up and moved on to Utah.

Day 4:
We began the day in the bus, excited to move and see the Glen Canyon Dam. We enjoyed a picnic lunch along the Colorado River, gearing up for the rest of the day ahead. The Glen Canyon Dam had an interesting guided tour that brought us along the dam, as well as inside of it to learn how the turbines and mechanics work. We saw the Colorado River from within the dam. We learned so much while walking its path! From there, we went back on the bus and continued our journey and made it to Utah. We checked into Ponderosa Ranch and prepared for Shabbat in our beautiful setting near the edge of Zion National Park. We had Friday night services and dinner on the ranch, and played a game with the parsha for the week. The evening set us up for a restful Shabbat on the ranch.

Day 5:
Shabbat on the ranch was a lot of fun! We rested up by sleeping in, participated in morning services and then explored the activities offered on the ranch…  swimming, playing pool, play ping pong, zip line riding jump on a trampoline, and more! After a full day, we had dinner and round table discussions about issues that effect our lives, including how Judaism influences our lives and how it fits in our modern world. We played a game afterwards to test our knowledge of each others’ names and to see how we worked together as a group.

Ending the evening with Havdallah after the sun set, we are excited to begin our adventures tomorrow and have a good, peaceful week.

More soon… !

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