Trek West 2: Update #1

Trek West 2… Update #1!

Day 1: Phoenix
Excited chatter could be heard around the baggage claim in Phoenix as the group met each other for the first time. Over the next few hours, kids from all over the US and France met and talked about where they were from, what they were excited to do on our trip, and just how hot it was in Arizona.

We took hotel shuttles from the airport to the hotel and took time to rest. We then went to the Arizona Mills Mall for a few hours to shop, walk around, and get to know each other better. Everyone had ample time to talk and learn fun facts about their group members, play games, and gear up for Trek West. We had a delicious pizza dinner before going to bed for the night.

Day 2: Sedona
Running from the start, we began our day tubing down the Salt River (which is actually quite sweet!). For a few hours out on the river, we saw dragonflies, wild horses, beautiful rock and cave structures, and more cacti than we could count! We had a ton of fun, and got onto the bus excited to go onto our next adventure.

With a rest stop for snacks and to use the restroom, we were on our way to Sedona. We had pizur lunch in Sedona, where everyone could walk around downtown Sedona and shop, eat, and take pictures of the local flavor. Refreshed, we moved onto the Rock Slide national park. Natural water slides and rocks to jump off of into deep water were plentiful and everyone was laughing and having a great time. Surrounded by the natural red rock of Arizona, we talked about the history of the cities we visited and the types of plants that were native to the water we were playing in. After having a filling dinner as a group in our hotel, we all tucked in for the night, ready for the next day’s adventure.

More soon… !


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