Trek Israel: Update #4

Trek Israel… Update #4!

Hello from Trek Israel! We hope you’re all doing well!

It is incredible to see how much the group has bonded in this past week! Being dirty, sweaty, and tired, as we pushed ourselves to hike through this gorgeous country, definitely helped us all become comfortable with each other quickly and get to know each other much better.

For our last day of the 4-day trek, we got to sleep in a bit, only waking at 6 am! An early rise meant fewer hours hiking in the heat so we all got used to it pretty fast. Whenever we crossed shade or a swimming hole, the group would take full advantage of it. Meir, our amazing Israeli guide, led us in a conversation about how Israel cleverly gets water to its people despite being mostly desert and how climate change is impacting the country. We learned that Israel recycles 93% of its water, far and beyond more water than any other country in the world! Isn’t that amazing?!

After a final, uphill battle, we got to the top of a huge hill and finished our trek!!!! It was truly amazing to see these teens conquer something that they were pretty nervous about, that was super challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

We celebrated with a BBQ and cooling off in the Kinneret! Later that afternoon, we visited the Golan Heights where we learned about the conflict in Syria and Israel’s complicated role in aid as a neighbor.

With finishing our hiking each day, came a huge sense of relief and accomplishment! We are so incredibly proud of all of these teens for how they cheered each other on and got through it together.

Thursday was special for many reasons!! We got to celebrate the birthdays of Allie Bergman and Joey Kranitz!! We had an incredible day rafting down the Jordan River and eating delicious pizza made in ovens right near where we got off the rafts! Later, we got to explore Caesarea, ancient ruins along a beautiful beach. We arrived at our beautiful hotel, collected laundry, and said bye to our pals heading off for the home hospitality weekend!

Can’t wait to continue this awesome trip!

Emily, Nina, and Koby

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