Trek Israel: Update #2

Dear Friends and Families,

We are just coming off from a relaxing Shabbat weekend, and are en route to rappelling and our Sea to Sea hike! On Friday we went to Herzliya and had a very (not so relaxing) beach day. Being that we are TREK Israel, we do everything to the extreme. So instead of just hanging out on the beach, we had a Krav Maga lesson, and ran some drills!

Then, we headed to the Baha’i gardens in Haifa, one of the most visited attractions in Israel. Afterwards, we went to the hotel for Shabbat. We had a wonderful and restful Shabbat. After services on Saturday morning, the teens had a choice to do a book club, play basketball, or card games. We all enjoyed just hanging out in the air conditioning when we could! Then we walked to the beach after lunch for the afternoon.

After dinner we had Havdalah and headed to Acco Extreme Park for rock climbing, bungee jumping and zip-lining. We’ve done so much already, it’s hard to believe we’ve only been here for four days! We are tired but excited, and happily heading out for our four day hike.

Parents: Please don’t be alarmed if your kids are out of reach for a few days. We won’t have much service and even when we do, we will be encouraging the kids to leave their phones in their bags and enjoy their surroundings!

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