Trek Israel: Update #1

Hello from Jerusalem!!

First, we would love to re-introduce ourselves – our names are Emily, Nina, and Koby and we are the 3 North American staff on the Trek Israel trip this summer!

It has been a busy, chaotic, and awesome first 48 hours and we are happy to say we’re all safe and excited to be in Israel!!

It’s already easy to tell that we have a lively, silly, wonderful group. We have teens from all over the US and even a teen from Canada! Our guide, Meir, is extremely warm, knowledgeable, and clearly great at his job! He even started us off by singing us his “Hebrew word of the day” theme song and teaching us a Hebrew word that will frequently be of use: sababa! (Meaning “great” or “awesome”!).

After sleeping in Jerusalem, we got to start the day by saying the Shehecheyanu prayer, while admiring a gorgeous overlook of this city! We then spent the day exploring the Old City, including getting to cool our feet as we splashed around the underground aqueducts built over 2,000 years ago!

We split up for lunch and many of the teens got to try to their first falafel in Israel; this is, of course, a big event in itself.

Today was filled with a bit of shopping and a lot of history of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. Starting the trip in Jerusalem, the center of Judaism, gives us so much perspective and a foundation for the rest of our program as we explore and learn more about this beautiful country and our connection to it.

We’ve only been together in Israel for a short time but we can already tell this is going to be a great trip!

Thanks so much for sharing your teens with us this summer! We can’t wait to continue getting to know each of them and to watch them learn and grow in these next few weeks!

Emily, Nina, and Koby

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