Trek Costa Rica 2: Update #5

Trek Costa Rica 2
Update #5

Enjoy updates on our final days of the trip!

Day 11- Relaxing on the Ranch
Today I was awoken by Sally’s loud alarm extremely early, even though we could wake up later! We went to breakfast and then some of us had tour of the ranch. I got to pick up a baby chick and a pig. The pig was squealing because it was scared. I felt close to nature which usually is something I only feel at camp. Because it was Shabbat, the day was pretty relaxing and it was fun hanging out with friends. For our night activity dancers performed for us and then they taught us some of the dances. After we had havdallah –  I was on the committee to plan it. We decided to do a camp theme so we had everyone wear pjs and after the prayers we sang camp songs. That was the day. I hope you enjoyed!
– Orly
Day 12- A Costa Rican Farewell
The day started like most others with wake up extremely early  –  6am. The cool thing about Rancho Margot is that the staff was kind enough to take our luggage all the way from the top of the hill to the bus! All we had to do was put it out on the porch. Talk about luxury! Breakfast had the similar Tico flair of fresh eggs, rice, beans, farm made yogurt, and not so fluffy pancakes.

Once all of the bags were situated perfectly on the bus we set off onto our next adventure. As we rounded the quite curvy road, we caught an amazing glimpse of the Arenal Volcano. It was a clear day and Arenal was beautiful. To top it all off, there was a billowing column of steam coming from the peak. The bus pulled over for some once-in-a-lifetime pictures. Then off to The Los Chorros Cataratas (waterfall). A short hike later and we were given a full view of a stunning waterfall and lush tropical forest and river. More pictures!! Our last adventure of the day was the most heartfelt. We met up with around 50 kids from the community we visited earlier in the trip from Boy with a Ball. We hung out with them, enjoyed pizza together, played futbol (soccer) and made some amazing friends. Seeing all of the kids have such a blast truly tugged at the heartstrings. Back at the hotel we had a few closing programs; paper plate awards and a good memory bracelet program. It’s sad to see the trip end but knowing the great connections we have made, I will remember this forever!
– Ethan

Day 13- The Last Adventure
Our last night, we hung out together, talked and said our goodbyes. We had to be down at the bus at 4AM since most of us had a 7AM flight. We actually decided to go to breakfast at 2:30AM as an entire group! Even though the bus ride was 15 minutes, about half the group fell asleep in that short time. We all started to separate at the airport, going to our different airlines. A majority of the group was on the same flight. When we got to Miami, we said our final goodbyes to the last few still with us. Throughout the last two weeks, we have made incredible friendships, seen beautiful sites and created unforgettable memories. Costa Rica was everything we had hoped for. Thank you to all who was on the trip and to all who made it possible to go to Costa Rica. As they say in Costa Rica: PURA VIDA!!

-Trek Costa Rica 

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