Trek Costa Rica 2: Update #4

Trek Costa Rica 2
Update #4

Enjoy today’s updates from Trek Costa Rica 2 participants…

Day 8- A Refreshing Costa Day
Today we woke up at 7 in the morning because we wanted energy for the day we were about to embark on. We went to a farm before going to the water falls. We all got to do different jobs including taking sugar cane and making sugar water that we all got to try…  it was way to sweet for some of us! Then, we had sugar cane that wasn’t too sweet and tasted different. The farm was a different experience and it was nice to get to try out new experiences. We also tried drinks made out of what seemed to be grass. It was weird but some of us liked it. I would have never thought to drink anything like that but I wanted to try it! After that we had our lunch and got ready to go to the waterfall. It was a long walk  – almost 600 steps both ways. It was a hard walk but it was definitely worth it to see the waterfall! The views were gorgeous. It was cool to go in and see the rapids from close up, too. The rest of the day was calm and we enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant –  a nice buffet of rice, beans and other foods.
– Chloe

Day 9- Relaxing at the Spa
Today was a very relaxing day! We started the day off with breakfast down the street from where we are staying. Luckily the drive to our next adventure was about 2 hours, because most of us needed to catch up on sleep. We finally made it to the nature boat ride. The boat was a pontoon boat with a bunch of seats and a front patio and back patio. Most of us talked and watched out for animals. We saw monkeys, iguanas and lots of birds. The guide announced that we were at the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

On the ride home, we played songs on the boat and told jokes. Raphael and Drew danced and sang for us! Later, we went to the Baldhi hot springs at a close by hotel. There were multiple hot springs that we were able to swim in and enjoy.  In addition, the architecture was very beautiful.  Most of the springs were even 104 degrees!  There were multiple slides that provided a water park experience, however, it was also very peaceful and relaxing.  We all took turns barreling down the slides and enjoying a beautiful day. After our water adventure we ate a huge dinner at the hot springs with extra dessert! We went back to our hostel to enjoy the rest of the night and get some well needed sleep.  We had an awesome day!
– Megan and Ava

Day 10- Volcanic Activities
Today we woke up at 7:30 which is later than normal. We packed our bags in the bus and walked two blocks to breakfast. We went to the same buffet that we went to yesterday. After breakfast we did a little bit of shopping in stores close to breakfast. After shopping, we went hiking on a trail that led to a viewpoint of a volcano. We took pictures at the top of the trail, and then preceded to go down the trail. We took a different way down, and passed a kapok tree.

When we finished the hike, we drove to Rancho Margo, our new hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, we ate lunch. The enjoyed pizza right from the pizza oven. After lunch, we had some chill time where we were able to do whatever we wanted. Some people went horseback riding while others rested in their rooms. At sundown we went to a gazebo by the water. A few kids formed a Shabbat committee and planned a short service. When services finished, we went around in a circle and shared what Shabbat means to us as well as how we celebrate Shabbat at our houses and camps. After this, we had dinner. Dinner was similar to lunch, and there was more pizza! Later, we did a program that was planned by one of our counselors. The counselors shared what being a part of this trip and BBYO meant to them, and then Drew shared a story with us. At first this story sounded unrelated to our trip but soon we learned the true meaning behind it. The message of the story was גם זכה יאבר – this too shall pass. We were able to reflect on our time in Costa Rica while realizing that it was coming to an end. We had a late curfew tonight and then went to sleep.
– Sophia

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