Trek Costa Rica 2: Update #3

Trek Costa Rica 2
Update #3Enjoy today’s updates from Trek Costa Rica 2 participants…

Day 6- A New Perspective

Today we learned about a community called “Boy With A Ball” that works to better cities and help local young people. This community helps the young people become leaders in their cities and towns. “Boy With A Ball” helps transform their lives into lives of hope and helps give them something to look forward to.

We walked around the community to experience and understand their way of life. This was a squatters community, meaning, the residents built houses on land that wasn’t theirs. The houses were made out of plywood, some 2 x 4s and a metal roof. It was an eye opening experience seeing these houses stacked on top of each other and the conditions the families live in.  Although it was a super poor community, quite a few of the homes had tvs and some families even had cars.  As we walked around, we gave candy to the young children. We made some tortillas with a special topping that is very popular in their town, and we even learned some Spanish through out the day. We had conversations with almost every person we would see! Over all, it was a day for experience and love.

After the community walk, we went to a chocolate workshop and learned the process in which chocolate is made. We learned that in the past, only the most elite were allowed to consume drinks made from chocolate. We also learned which countries have native cocoa plants. Then we watched and learned every step in the process from cocoa bean to chocolate bar: First, cocoa beans were picked from trees left out for a week. Then these beans were ground into a cocoa powder. At this point the chocolate didn’t taste very good. Next, the cocoa powder was turned into a substance that would melt in your mouth. This chocolate tastes a lot more familiar and was 100% cocoa chocolate that tasted amazing! To top it off, we added milk and sugar to the chocolate to create the milk and dark chocolate that we consume daily. It was an amazing experience – It awesome to learn how much time and work is required to make good tasting chocolate.  This was an amazing once in a lifetime experience, learning the compete history and process of creating chocolate!

– Tyler and Sam

Day 7- A Tropical Adventure

Today the Trek Costa Rica group had an amazing time doing an event called the Adventure Race. The Adventure Race is a three-part five segment event consisting of rafting, hiking and zip lining!

The race started off with a rafting segment through rapids which left everyone soaking wet and having a good time to start the fun. After the first part of rafting, we got into a hiking portion. The hiking was really fun because the ground was muddy and everyone got so dirty.  The tour guides helped us travel from the beach where we left our rafts to the waterfall about 40 minutes away. At the waterfall, our teams had lunch and enjoyed time in the river near the waterfall. Following the lunch break we had a 30-minute hike to a new area where we went zip lining. The zip lining was extremely enjoyable due to the high speeds and beautiful sights we got to see from the trees!

Finally we had the last stretch of rafting where the rapids where even bigger and got we drenched even more! The race was tons of fun.

After dinner and chilling back at the lodge, we learned some traditional dances… salsa, merengue, and cha cha. Learning how to do the dances was fun, but what was even better was getting to actually do them ourselves with a partner. After we attempted to do these dances, the instructors presented an exhibition for us. They were awesome and showed us what it’s really like to feel the rhythm and dance your heart out!

In the end we had an eventful day that left the group enriched in the Costa Rican culture, and more importantly, needing some laundry detergent!

– Jordan B.

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