Trek Costa Rica 2: Update #1

Trek Costa Rica 2
Update #1

Our first updates come from Trek Costa Rica 2 participants.  Enjoy!

Day 1-The Trek Begins
Tuesday was our first day on Trek Costa Rica! Since we previously went on Trek West, we had arrived the day before and were already settled in. Trek West was incredible and we had an amazing time, however we were ready for more adventures in Costa Rica. We spent the day relaxing and chilling by the pool. A few kids arrived to join the group and immediately we felt a connection as they shared with us their travel stories. All of the other kids came to the hotel later that night and we all got to know each other with icebreakers and pizza. The icebreakers were fun! One of them was a game called “Bird on a Perch.” We were given a partner who will be our partner for this game throughout the trip.  One partner had to jump into the other partner’s arms whenever the counselor yells “bird on a perch” I’m kinda nervous about it because I know our counselors are going to surprise us with it when we least expect! The next icebreaker was with actual ice! While the person who was next to us held a bag of ice, we talked about ourselves and introduced our fun facts to the group. We were so excited to meet everyone and familiarize ourselves with our new trip mates. It was a great first day and we cannot wait for the rest of the trip!
Melissa & Sally

Day Two- Kayaks and Crocs
On Wednesday we woke up early and went to a group breakfast at Denny’s (a totally Costa Rican first breakfast!). We packed up our suitcases and left for the Pacific Coast where we went canoeing! Each canoe held eight people so worked as a group to learn to row together.  We stopped at a beach, played games, ate fresh Costa Rican fruits, swam, and had lunch. We canoed back and jumped off of the canoes and into the ocean on our way back. It was really fun! After that we went on a boat ride and saw crocodiles, birds, cows, and lizards. The tour guides brought us up close to the wildlife where we had amazing views of at least 20 crocodiles. After the boat tour, we drove to our hotel, where we put our bags down, swam, and went on the swings. We ate burgers, chicken, and fish for dinner. We had about half an hour of free time after dinner and then we went to the supermarket, where we were given $12500 colones to buy ingredients to make group lunches for the next day. We had an amazing first day as a group and we are looking forward to another two weeks together!
Nina & Maddie

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