Trek Costa Rica 1: Update #2

Trek Costa Rica 1
Update #2!

Hello all!!

Our amazing adventures in Costa Rica continue!! This doesn’t event cover all our awesomeness, but just the tip of the iceberg … Enjoy!
-Seth & Lauren

Day 3
Hi! Yesterday we went on an adventure race which consisted of rafting, zip lining and a hike with a waterfall at the end where we swam and had lunch. First we rafted in white waters which was so much fun. After, we went on hike to the waterfall where all the groups got together again while we swam, jumped from the top of the waterfall and ate lunch. For, there we hiked to the zip line where at the end, were met with out rafts so we could raft back to the hotel. By the end of the day everyone was muddy and wet! The race was so much fun and very rewarding. -Maya Lerner

Yesterday everyone was split up into 5 groups of 6. We had the opportunity to compete against each other in a adventure race. The race started with white water rafting which was so much fun. Then we hiked through mud, trees, and branches to a beautiful waterfall. At the waterfall we went swimming and jumped into the water. After that we continued hiking and we went back the way we came. We hiked to the zip lines and it was amazing. Then we rafted back to our hotel and several people went in the pool. The race was very hard and muddy but everyone made the best of it and we all had a fantastic time! -Gabby Nir

Day 4
Today our group visited a Eco farm. At this Eco farm the workers used the animals waste to reproduce more food for the animals. Than our guide gave us edible natural greens. After the tour, our group ate lunch at the farm.  We enjoyed petting the farm animals – a puppy, a dog which was the father, and a parrot. The experience was very educational and fun. – Justin Small

On Shabbat, our day was less structured. We were allowed to pick and choose activities to do, along with a required Ranch Tour. My day started with a 6:15 cow milking. Then I, along with Alegra, did a self-guided trail to the viewing point of the ranch. After that, I went on the ranch tour. It was amazing. We held chicks, chickens, and baby pigs. My horseback riding was scheduled for 1:30. My horse was named Favorito, and he was crazy. He took off running every chance he got. He galloped fast and it was a little scary but mostly exciting, and definitely made me sore! After, we had a short Shabbat service and then dinner. The hotel even made us challah to eat! We ended the day by watching a dance performance by a salsa group that the hotel planned especially for us. When the performance was done, we had a dance lesson with team. Following that, we had a dance party with them, too! -Lila Zinner

Yesterday was Shabbat which means our day is less structured and we have more free time to do activities we choose with our friends.  For one of my activities I went horseback riding.  It was SO much fun and the view from horseback was stunning! We toured through the jungle and even got to take the horses through a river. My horse loved to run, and would take off all the time which was a little scary at some points but also so thrilling and fun! My horseback riding experience was amazing as well as my overall day.  -Caitlin Leib

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