Trek Alaska: Update #4

Dear Friends and Families,

Day 8-Sea Night Life

The day started off with a quick and methodical clean of the Girdwood Lodge. With a well calculated plan in place, we tag teamed the whole house and were done in no time. We piled into the bus and watched as Girdwood faded away. The next 3 hours were spent catching up on precious sleep, which was needed for the rest of the day. We then greeted the Kenai Fjords National Park with a very scenic hike up to Exit Glacier. There were signs along the way, indicating the rapid retreat of the glacier beginning in 1917. The signs added meaning to the hike, making it a bit sad that in a few short years the glacier will mostly disappear and nobody else will be able to appreciate the beauty of the glacier. After the hike, it was back on the bus to Seward. We went into the city on our own to get some food, my group chose the Gold Rush Bistro. The service was lightening fast and the food was amazing. After paying the bill and tipping heartily,  we went to the Sealife Aquatic Center. We explored the aquarium seeing creatures of Ressurection Bay. They had a baby walrus,  sea lions,  puffins, a touch tank, seals and jelly fish. We learned about walrus endangerment, and even got to participate in a live dissection of a squid. Around 9pm we were able to do some after hours exploration of the center, and by ten it was lights out.  We slept in an area right next to the sea lion, seals and puffins.  We watched as the seals got ready for bed, the sea lion was still swimming in his tank for a bit though. Slowly we dozed off in our sleeping bags, ready to reel in the new day with some quality sleep.

-Sol S.

Day 9- Alaskan Adventures

We started the day by waking up at 6:30am next to the seals, sea lion and aviary.  It was very peaceful to wake up next to the slumbering sea mammals, even though we were pressed for time and had to rush.  We then went to Miller’s Landing to go sea kayaking, which i had been excited for the whole trip.  My kayak was very fast and I wanted to cut across the inlet and just paddle as hard and as long as I could.  After a couple hours on the water,  we went on a short hike, and we explored some old artillery bunkers and a fort from the 267th Artillery from WWII. The buildings were very dark and creepy, but fun to explore.  I was reminded of the Aleut evacuation, and I wondered why nobody knows about it when it was just  as terrible as the Japanese internment camps.  Later we visited the Iditaride Sleddog kennel and went on a ride with them.  The ride was great,  although it didn’t measure up to cuddling with the puppies.  I was very aware of how anxious the puppies mothers were.  Our dinner was at the Salmon Bake restaurant where I had an amazing salmon sandwich with fries and a free coffee.  Coffee seems to be free everywhere in Seward! After arriving at our lodge in Chugiak, we had a Shabbat Service. I got to choose all the prayers but I kept forgetting the melodies so I had to keep asking others to start the prayers. After services, we started heading to bed, which took a while because of the long shower line.  I went out while I was waiting and got next to the lake.  It was extremely peaceful and it was a lovely way to close the day.

Alexis J.

For pictures of their journey, please check out our trip Facebook album which we will be updating regularly.

Trek Alaska!

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